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Hydraulic cylinders

Our team of experienced experts designs hydraulic cylinders for a variety of applications directly

according to customer needs. We are able to design and supply various structural designs of cylinders

(welded, bolted and screwed) with an offer of different types of fastenings (eyes, side pins,

flanges). This provides us with an inexhaustible number of combinations. Our goal is satisfaction

customer, high usability and long life.

In the basic division we offer cylinders: 

- for light applications, HV for pressures up to 180 bar

- for light and medium heavy applications, HM1 for pressures up to 200 bar

- for medium and heavy applications, HM2 for pressures up to 250 bar

- with damping in end positions HM2T

- plungers HVT

- and more

The cornerstone is the design of a hydraulic cylinder in 3D modeling, before production

the customer will receive a dimensional drawing and a 3D model for approval.



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The company is registered in the Commercial Register kept by the Regional Court in Ostrava, section C, insert 10995